Stock Reticulation

How much water do you need?

Stock and Farm use

Do you know how much water your stock drink daily?

On average:
Sheep between four to 10 litres a day
Cattle up to 80 litres a day
Goats about 13 litres a day
Horses 30 to 50 litres per day

These quantities are averages and there is heaps more information on the internet, for example .  However, the point is, that whether you are a hobby farmer with a few pet animals or a major farmer you need a quality, permanent supply of good clean drinking water for them.

Dams are great, when it rains.  But we are in drought at the moment.  And the larger the dam is the more the water evaporates.  Do you know dams evaporate nearly one metre of water each year?  And dams fill with silt over time and need desilting. So how deep is your dam really?  It may have been 3 metres deep 10 years ago, but what is the depth now? And when was the last time it was cleaned out?

Also animals stand around the dam and pooh, which can mean the water gets soiled.  And because there has been little rain, the dams aren’t being flushed out. Also there is the problem with algae.  I currently have an orange algae on my dam, this is ok thank goodness, as I have had it tested. But blue/green algae is a major concern.

So a properly constructed concrete water tank will hold clean water which will not evaporate.  Also stock will not damage the tank, and if your dam runs dry, you can fill the tank with water and continue to safely water your stock.

A properly constructed stock reticulation system will allow you to continue to deliver clean water to your stock when they most need it, especially in this time of drought.

Domestic water

How much do you need, against how much you really use?

Terry loves long showers, I love to wash my clothes, wash floors etc.  So between Terry and I we can easily use 500 litres of water a day, or 15,000 litres a month!  That much you say? And we are only two people. So if you are a family of two adults and two children, you may be surprised about exactly how much water you use and consequently need.  

Clients who have moved from residential properties that are on town water, and build new homes on hobby farms etc off town water, often are amazed at how much water they use. So when you are no longer turning on a tap, and using the governments supplied water, it all changes.

So a large 100,000 to 120,000 litre water tank will give you peace of mind, especially in these times of low rainfall and drought.  And you can have these filled tanks if need be.  

So when you are thinking of water and your stock water needs, think a little outside the square about reticulated water systems and concrete water tanks.


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