Concrete Water Tank Repairs

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Correctly built concrete water tanks will last for at least 25 years. Recently, Terry was asked to repair a concrete tank which was built nearly forty years ago. (Terry did not build the tank). Considering the age of the concrete tank, the tank was in remarkable condition.

Sometimes concrete tanks need repairing if they are not built properly in the first place.

The tank site must be flat, correctly compacted, preferably laser levelled with 150 mm of road base and no fill.

Remember for a standard 120,000 litre tank, there is 16 metres of concrete poured. So the tank will weigh a minimum of 40 tonnes, BEFORE water is added.

And water is heavy!

However, over time the base of the site may move. This movement is caused by drought, flood or earth tremors. No tank builder can guarantee any tank against these natural occurrences.

If there has been no rain for some time, as is often in the Australian Climate. Then the base of the tank will contract. If water is gently sprayed onto the outside of the tank at the bottom, then this will maintain the moisture at the base.

However, depending on how long the tank has been left leaking, most tanks can be repaired.

There are many products on the market which can be used to repair tanks. Sometimes a product called “Xypex”, or the like is used.

These products are mixed with water into a paste. This powder is sugar based, and the crystals expand and fill the holes in the tank.

Sometimes, bands are placed around the tank whilst the tank is healing, this keeps the tank in its shape.

So if your concrete water tank needs repairing why not give Terry a call and ask his advice?

Does your tank need repairs?

Terry Miller can arrange all forms of tank repairs – concrete tank repairs, water tank repairs, replacement roofs for tanks, even colourbond roofs.

Remember Terry Miller Concrete Tanks for:

- Replacement roofs (including colourbond)
- Concrete tank repairs
- Water tank repairs

What if my tank is beyond repair?

When we inspect your tank we will be able to quickly determine if repairing it is feasible. If caught early enough, most tanks can be repaired. However if we feel it is beyond repair we will tell you so – and because of our experience in installing new tanks, you can be assured that we can solve your problem either way!
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