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Concrete Water Tanks Last a LIFETIME.

Above Ground Concrete Tanks.

Concrete tanks will not rust, burn, melt or blow away.

Your stored water will not taint and there aren't any liners to replace, keeping your maintenance costs low.

Underground Concrete Tanks.

Underground water tanks keep your water cool under all conditions, are algae free and last for many many years. PLUS a concrete tank adds $$$ to your property!

Choosing a Concrete Tank is the Right Decision.

  • Concrete Tanks will last a LIFETIME
  • Concrete Tanks keep your water cool, year round
  • Concrete Tanks need less maintenance
  • Concrete Tanks keep your water algae free!
  • Concrete Tanks will NOT Rust
  • Concrete Tanks will NOT Burn
  • Concrete Tanks will NOT Melt
  • Concrete Tanks will NOT Blow Away

Available With a Full Range of Custom Options.

  • 22750, 50000, 105000 and 120000 litre Tanks
  • Underground Installation Options
  • Above Ground with an Open Top or Silo Roof
  • Safety Ladders, Man Holes, Pumps and Filters
  • Bushfire + Property Fire Fighting Fittings
  • Taps and Fittings - up to 8 inches in Diameter
  • Custom Blocks Outs

Suitable For The Storage of Liquids such as:

  • Water
  • Molasses
  • Effluent
  • Hot water
  • Chemicals

Tank with Custom Fittings at Wonga Park

Concrete Tank with Custom Fittings at Windsor Down

Terry Miller Concrete Water Tanks

Custom Man Hole Placement Options

TERRY MILLER  //  Concrete Tank Professional

Terry has been in the concrete tank building business for well over 30 years.  

Being from rural Victoria he appreciates the significance of a reliable water storage system.

Water is our country's most important resource and we help you store it - for when you need it most.

Terry Miller

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Underground Water Tank at Moree

Concrete Tank and The Surrounding Work Site

Finished Underground Concrete Tank and Site

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Concrete Water Tanks - Built Tough

Check out this 30 tonne excavator on top of one of our 50,000 litre tanks; just one week after installation.

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