Concrete Tank Construction – Above Ground or Underground

Site Preparation for concrete tanks – above ground or underground

Site preparation is the important first stage of construction of a Terry Miller concrete tank. Our tanks can be constructed either above ground or below ground. However, with any tank, the base of the tank needs to be flat, preferably laser levelled, with 150 mil of compacted road base, no fill. Remember, a Terry Miller Tank is very heavy. This foundation should be of uniform thickness, preferably compacted road base capable of a safe bearing pressure of 100 kPa, with no fill.

There needs to be sufficient room around the base of the tank for the laying out of the formwork, building up of the scaffolding and vehicle access to the site, such as the concrete mix truck.

We recommend consulting with us about the site preparation to ensure the site is properly compacted and laser levelled and meets the required dimensions. That way we can fully guarantee your new Terry Miller concrete tank and avoid potential construction delays.

All Concrete work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ASA Concrete Structures Code ASA 3600, ASA 3755 Concrete Structures for retaining liquids, and Building Codes B1 and B2.

Concrete Tank Construction

All aspects of Terry Miller Concrete Tanks are built for strength, beginning with the assembly of the double layered mesh base with radial starter bars, through to the continuous pour, fully vibrated, 40MPa rated concrete. All tanks have a base thickness of 190mm and walls that are 130mm thick. Wooden blocks are used to support the inner wall of the base, so a seamless, continuous concrete pour is achieved, further strengthening our tanks. These wooden blocks are removed when the floor of the tank is poured.

Terry Miller Concrete Water Tanks

Heavy mesh and starter bars mean a stronger tank

 Floor MeshWall MeshTop MeshNL DB Starter Bars

Silo Roof
107,000 or
120,000 litres

SL82WTM tank mesh DB-12mm 750×750
Concrete Top
20 tonne Rating
Heavier Rating
WTM tank mesh
WTM tank mesh
xTwo layers of SL92
xTwo layers of SL102
DB-12mm 1500×1500
DB-12mm 1500×1500

The quantity and strength of the mesh used is dependent upon the final load bearing weight of the tank. More mesh is used if the concrete top needs to take more weight.

Above Ground Concrete Tanks

The largest of our industrial silo-roofed tanks will weigh approximately 44 tonne when empty. The silo roof is a proper heavy duty galvanised, pitched steel roof, not a flat roof. This roof weighs around half a tonne and a man can walk on top. This roof is rust proof.

The floor of the tank is sloped into a 90 mm (3.5″) drain plug, which enables the tank to be cleaned out thoroughly.

Above ground tanks are available with either a silo roof or an open top. We also do colorbond roofs on request.

Terry Miller Concrete Water Tanks

Silo Roof Replacements for Concrete Tanks

New replacement Silo roofs can also be made up to suit most concrete water tanks. Insurance work is our speciality. We need to know the diameter of the tank and how deep the tank is. We can fit the roof for you or you can do it yourself. In our price we supply the metal sheets, the centre pole, which is hot tipped galvanised steel or stainless steel, depending on your requirements, dyna bolts, centre cone, disc and sieve. So ring Terry for a quote of what your new roof will cost.

Underground Concrete Tanks

The ideal underground water tank!

Our underground concrete water tanks are the perfect way to store your water underground. All our tanks are built with either 6 or 8 support legs depending upon the load bearing weight of the tank. Our standard tanks are built with 6 legs (load bearing columns), which will take up to 20 tonne of load bearing weight. This top will support a truck or car.

Airports, car wash yards, shopping centres, schools, hospitals all use underground tanks to store their water. Organisations do this to save on space, and not to detract from the look of their sites.

Terry Miller Concrete Water Tanks

Underground concrete water tanks are perfect where lack of space is an issue. By being underground no above ground space is used.

The basic rating of 10 tonne half metre of dirt/fill can be placed on top. The flat surface of these tops can also be used as a patio/ barbecue area. If your requirements are for a heavier load-bearing top then this can be built as well, extra mesh is used to support the top in these cases.

The mesh used for the top of concrete tops is either SL92 or SL102 depending upon what load bearing weight is required.

The concrete top is supported by 6 load-bearing columns for the 20-tonne roof. These columns are poured at the same time as the top to enhance tank strength.

The floor of the underground concrete water tank is sloped into a pit, just offset of the manhole, which enables it to be totally emptied and cleaned out if need be.

Terry Miller Concrete Water Tanks
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