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Barnawartha Bush Fire 20/12/15

Barnawartha Bush Fire 20/12/15

Fire burnt all around our tankTerry Miller and I now know from first hand experience how truly dreadful a bush fire is. We live on 20 acres in Barnawartha, and on December 20th, 2015 – Sunday afternoon - 15 acres were burnt to the ground.

The fire brigade was terrific and saved our house and shed, but the rest of the property is just a blackened patch.

Fire has no friends, and takes no hostages.

All I can say is thankfully we had the concrete water tank, pictures shown. It survived and provided us with necessary water to bucket the flames around the house and paddocks, to put out the burning logs and spot fires we found.


If the tank had been plastic or tin it would have melted. The ferocity of the fire was incredible, and with the winds and the heat, the day's temperature reached 43 degrees at its peak!

My message, as personal as it is, is that no matter what size property you have - from small hobby farms like ours to larger properties - you need a good water storage system which you can rely on. You cannot ever be complacent when it comes to fire!

This was December, and the fact this terrible event happened so early in the fire season means no one is safe from fire.

I wish all who read this a very safe and happy Christmas and New Year. And a time free from fires!

Carol and Terry

CFA defended our property A lot of materials were destroyed

Paddocks and materials were destroyed This shed melted in the intense heat

The yards were destroyed Almost all paddocks were burnt out

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